electronica 2024

Precise convertor 30Aef / 12VDC with current transformer PPT4/H 1000

Linearity of current transfomer PPT4/H 1000 and whole I/U convertor

Devices and PCB of I/U convertor with transfomer PPT4/H 1000
R1 56R/0,5W
R2 ≈ 1K2 (ratio settings)
R3 ≈ 1K2 (ratio settings)
R4 1K8
R5 - R8 10K
R9, R10 82K
R11 68K
R12 39K
R13 100R
C1, C2 680n
C3, C4 200M/35V
C5, C6 10n
IO4 78L15
IO5 79L15
D1, D2 KA221
D3 bridge rectifier
S1, S2 PCB double clamp
Tr PCB main transformer 2x15V 1,8Ω
PTr current transformer PMEC PPT4/H 1000

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