About us

We produce toroidal chokes with ferrite, nanocrystalline, sendust, permalloy and ironpowder cores of all kind, simple and multiple winding, with or without cases, to top quality european standards.

We have achieved a market position as one of the biggest, flexiblest and most reliable suppliers in Czech Republic.

We offer

Chokes in sealed cases for both vertical and horizontal assembly, fully compatible and interchangeable with products of top european manufacturers.

Winding of the cores supplied by the customer and assembly into the customers cases and carriers possible.

Wide scale of the toroidal cores outernal diameters (6 to 70 mm) and wire diameters (0,08 to 1,4 mm).

Modern and efficient winding machines.

Annual capacity about 2,000,000 pcs.

Automatic sealing offers best insulation possible.
Robotic measurement and marking system.
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